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Build a world that we all enjoy living in

In this increasingly digitized world, our day-to-day interactions with each other have been replaced by smartphones and internet. But human is a social species. Our ultimate goal is to bolster a sense of community through real estate development and investment.



We believe in building trust with the people that we work with. Only with trust, can we accomplish something greater than ourselves.


In this excessively digitalized world where people are growing apart, we, as real estate investors/developers, have the ability to do good to the community by building impactful projects that promote our social lives


We are never satisfied by just following the norms. In this ever-changing environment, we explore new real estate strategies to get ahead of the trends in our evolving lifestyles.

Showing an Apartment





Jay currently serves as the Director of Real Estate at Tripalink, a technology-driven real estate company located in Los Angeles, California. Tripalink primarily focuses on ground-up multifamily projects, specializing in student housing and co-living. Jay's mission revolves around enhancing the apartment living experience by seamlessly integrating community events with co-living units, fostering convenience, happiness, and affordability for residents.


Prior to Tripalink, Jay launched his own company in Cambodia in 2020 and worked at CIM Group in 2017 as an Analyst. His experience includes entitlements, cost management, investment analysis, and construction management for ground-up projects, such as apartments, mixed-use, and hotels.


Among Jay's noteworthy achievements are projects such as the PRIZMA Apartment and the luxurious EDITION Hotel in West Hollywood. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal role in the realization of the R3 Metropolis, featuring striking 60-story and 27-story towers situated in Downtown Los Angeles. Jay holds a cum laude civil engineering degree from UCLA.


When he isn't immersed in his professional endeavors, he indulges in various hobbies. Jay enjoys traveling, playing basketball, hosting potlucks, engaging in board games, writing for Biggerpockets, and reading. Notably, his favorite games include Avalon and Secret Hitler.

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